Michael Abrams, Ph.D.

Over a 15 year career, Michael has been a management consultant with McKinsey and Accenture, before moving to more specialized work in boutique firms. His consulting style is tailored to the needs of different clients and highly collaborative, by design. In his experience, building sustainable change requires co-creating with client leaders, so they ‘own’ the result, rather than landing with a large team of analysts and writing thick Powerpoint decks. Michael works with businesses at the intersection of strategy, organization, and leadership. His client experience is concentrated in Technology (EMC, Dell, SAP, Unisys), Life Sciences (Thermo Fisher, Astra Zeneca, Elekta), and Energy (PPL, National Grid, Vattenfall), with some work in financial services and retail. Michael earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and is originally from Philadelphia.